How I Made Infinity ROI in a Few Minutes And You Can Too

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Hi Everyone,

You will laugh when you read this (I seriously hope so) because I do when I'm writing it.

And Read The whole thing or you will not Laugh.

I was checking mining of some Free Satoshi on one of my favourite sites here (It's like fun bitcoin videogame and costs nothing):miner

When I have seen this and thought something like “LOL this looks so scammy like nothing else I have ever seen in my life, can somebody fall for this?”


So I've landed on this page and I've put promo codes I've got from my Front Wing team from other site (will mention below, don't want to overhelm you with links now) and which I'm giving your here also:


And started playing Rock Paper Scissors with that Free Buck – $1 (Big LOL here please) after a few minutes, I've got $11.9 and even got some bonus from staff just for playing so ended up on $12.4 (You can withdraw at $10)


Yes I know It's not Life changing 😀 And also that's not the point here (LOL again)

Point is that ROI which made me Laugh cause when you do easy ROI calculation It's Infinity because you can't divide by 0

ROI = Net Profit / Total Investment * 100 (I assume that everyone knows this but just to be sure and LOL again)

in this case It's 12.4 / 0 * 100 =

Even When I take that $1 so I can make that calculation It's 1240% ROI

And like you already know, that $1 is from that promo codes so in reality It's really ROI

because I didn't deposit anything.

So I hope you've had fun reading this, you can go and try it also.

This is not financial advise by any means, It's meant only for education and entertainment purposes only!

Also Do Not Join If you are under 18 years old.

I Maybe get some commisions when you join.

That's just for info, I don't care about pennies, like I've said this is more likely for some laughs and Fun.

If you want something more serious you can join our 1K Team,

You need email marketing If you want to make something real online anyway so you can kill two problems with one solution


To Your Success



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